Jordan is a basketball legend who played this important role in popularizing the sport around the world
He accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael chose to play for Chapel Hill in North Carolina under famed coach Dean Smith. Smith had one of the highest winning percentages of any college basketball coach and was named Coach of the Year multiple times. In addition to Michael, the team included future NBA stars Sam Perkins and James Worthy.
Jordan made his Olympic debut. Together with Patrick Ewing, they were team captains. The US team won all the matches of the Olympic tournament, won gold, Jordan became the Olympic champion for the first time and was recognized as the best player in the 1984 Olympic Games.
Jordan helped lead the varsity team to an NCAA Championship, won the Naismith and the Wooden College Player of the Year.
For his phenomenal jumping ability, Michael earned the nicknames "Air Jordan" and "His Airness"
Black and red Air Jordan sneakers were designed especially for Michael
The decisive role in Jordan's agreement to sign a contract with Nike was the company's willingness to release a signature line of Michael Jordan. From a signature line of sneakers, Air Jordan has evolved into a stand-alone brand and has become one of the most popular and profitable in Nike history.
The NBA banned the shoe due to its aggressive colors and lack of white. The black and red sneakers was so out of line with this rule that the NBA notified the company of violating the rule that a basketball player's shoes must be more than half white.
Jordan was fined $5000 for each game in them, but he continued to play in shoes from Nike - the fines were willingly paid by the company, using this fact in promoting sneakers
In June, Jordan was selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft
Michael quickly became a fan favorite even in opposing arenas. Roy S. Johnson of The New York Times described him as "the phenomenal rookie of the Bulls" in November, and Jordan appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the heading "A Star Is Born" in December.
“ I’m not looking forward to going in and trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations. I just want to go in and contribute the best way I could and I just look forward to whatever the coaches want.“
This draft was voted one of the best in NBA history. Four of its members became members of the Basketball Hall of Fame, and seven players participated in the All-Star Game.
The 84-85 season went down in history as the year Michael Jordan arrived. He did not leave indifferent either the inhabitants of Chicago or the rest of the Americans. A worthy reward for saving the dying team was the award of the title "Rookie of the Year".
In June 1987, promising newcomers Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen joined the Bulls, who later became key players. Jerry Krause also agreed to trade Charles Oakley for Bill Cartwright. The team needed a tall basketball player and Bill was perfect for the role.
Jordan, playing for the Chicago Bulls from 1984 to 1993, led the team to the NBA championship three years in a row, in 1991, 1992 and 1993
Michael's father James Jordan was killed in July 1993 while sleeping in his red Lexus
After the death of his father, Jordan announced his retirement from basketball and decided to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a baseball player.
Michael announced his conscious decision to end his career. He had no intention of burning bridges and reserved the right to do whatever he wanted, including returning to basketball if it was his will.
Jordan began to take part in the classes of the Chicago White Sox baseball club. An official statement about his inclusion in the team will follow shortly. Michael has always liked baseball. After the end of his career, he finally decided to fulfill his childhood dream.
Jordan's protruding tongue when attacking the ring, which became the hallmark of a basketball player, was nothing more than an imitation of his father
In March 1995, Jordan returned to basketball with the Chicago Bulls
Jordan returned with the number "45" on his jersey. He did not take his number "23" because he decided to start over. Under the 45th number, he performed at school.
Chicago signed one of the NBA's most controversial players, Dennis Rodman. There were fears that Rodman would not be able to join the Bulls, but Jordan and Pippen sided with him, because knew that he was a strong player and could help the team.
In the summer of 1995, Michael starred in the movie "Space Jam", where his partner was Bugs Bunny the rabbit. Michael combined shooting with training. The studio purposely built an indoor basketball court near the filming location.
Before the start of the season, the Bulls basketball players won in France for participating in the annual McDonald's tournament. There were no other leaders in this tournament: Scottie Pippen was absent due to a flight, and Dennis Rodman refused to go to this disaster. But even without them, it was clear that the Bulls and Michael would beat anyone.
Phil Jackson has always come up with a name for upcoming seasons
It was known that next year would be the last for the current squad - the agreement with the coach and contracts with the leading players were ending. In his characteristic manner, Phil came up with the name of the season - "The Last Dance".
At the beginning of the season, Scottie Pippen decided to have a leg operation to get rid of an injury that had bothered him since the Eastern Conference Finals. Pippen was out for a few months and it was a big loss for the Bulls. Michael needed to start the season without Scotty, find a way to win without him.
Chicago returned to Utah for Game 6 of the Finals on June 14, 1998, winning the series 3–2. In the closing seconds, Jordan knocked the ball out of Karl Malone's hands and dribbled across the floor to score the game-winning shot.
The 1998 NBA Finals, with Jordan, is still considered the highest-rated television event to this day
In January 1999, Jordan announced his retirement for the second time as a player
In 2000, Jordan returned to the NBA, but as co-owner and general manager of the Washington Wizards for basketball operations.
Jordan competed in his 14th All-Star Game, beating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points in the All-Star Game. The 2002/2003 season was the last in Jordan's career. The last game of his career, Jordan played against the "Philadelphia-76".
Despite claiming in January 1999 that he was "99.9% sure" he would never play, Jordan expressed interest in returning to the NBA in the summer of 2001.
The entire salary that Michael received while playing for the Washington Wizards in the 2001/2002 season, he transferred to charity, helping the victims of the September 11 attacks.
He was seen off with a standing ovation for three minutes by teammates, opponents and almost 22,000 fans
“ When you go to the goal, then there is an obstacle in your way. I faced them, everyone faced. But obstacles should not stop you. When you hit a wall, don't turn back, don't retreat. Find a way to overcome this barrier, work on it.“
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